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Problem with your heating

Are you having trouble with your central heating?

If your heating or hot water isn’t working, there could be a number of reasons why, and you might be able to fix it yourself...

Before calling to report a repair on your heating system, please try the following:

  • Double check that the gas, electrical and water supplies to your appliance, are turned on - somebody could have accidentally turned them off in error
  • Try putting your central heating on maximum for a short while to see if it will kick start the boiler back into action
  • Check that the thermostat is turned up and the clock timer is on. Maybe you need to change the battery if it is not hard wired
  • Some combi and system boilers have a pressure gauge showing system water pressure - this usually needs to be at around 1 bar, so check your boiler instruction manual if you are not sure
  • Do you have a boiler system with a permanent pilot light? Check that it hasn’t gone out – this is a very common issue with older boilers
  • Have the clocks gone forward or back? Perhaps it is as simple as your clock programmer might just need adjusting to the right time
  • Has there been a power cut and a break in the energy supply? Your heating clock programmer potentially has been re-set back to the original factory settings when the electric came back on. Test the central heating by setting it to come on in 15 minutes time – if that works, simply re-enter your preferred central heating settings
  • Try turning the electrical supply to the boiler off and on – the switch is usually near the boiler or in the airing cupboard. This will reset your boiler and may resolve the problem

In most cases, one of these tips will fix your heating so that you don’t have to wait for an engineer and you can get toasty warm again.

If you have tried all these things and your heating is still not working, please contact us.

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