At Red Kite, we prioritise the safety of our tenants above all else. Conducting regular gas and electrical safety checks is a key part of our commitment to ensuring every home is safe and secure.

We’ll always go above and beyond to ensure these checks are done and want to remind people of the importance of letting us into your home to complete them.

Case study one:

Recently, we faced a challenging situation where one of our homes had an expired Electrical Installation Condition Report and Landlord Gas Safety Record. Despite being initially denied access and the home having severe hoarding issues preventing our contractors, OpenView and K&T Heating, from performing essential checks, we knew immediate action was crucial for our tenant's safety.

Our Home Safety team swiftly obtained a court order to conduct the necessary checks. Recognising the urgency, they collaborated closely with the Community team and Wycombe Mind to address the hoarding and improve living conditions. This proactive approach allowed us to complete the gas safety check quickly and the electrical safety check shortly after.

Case study two:

We had another situation where a gas safety check was overdue from December 2023. Our contractor, K&T Heating, couldn't perform the check due to the home's condition and other welfare concerns. Court action wasn't an option because the tenant had granted access to K&T Heating.

Our Community Specialist worked tirelessly with the tenant and various other agencies to improve the home's condition. When we were ready to proceed, we encountered another hurdle: a debt on the gas meter. But we were determined to resolve it. Thanks to fuel vouchers from the SureserveGroup, we cleared the debt. Two of our dedicated colleagues took the initiative to credit the tenant's fuel card and top up the meter themselves.

We're thrilled to report that K&T Heating has now completed the gas check, ensuring the tenant's home is safe. Our tenant's wellbeing is always our priority, and we'll go to great lengths to ensure it.

Next time you receive a gas or electrical safety check appointment, let us in so we can keep you and your family safe. Find out more about visits to your home.