We have always taken the health, safety and wellbeing of our residents very seriously but never more so than now. The emergence of Covid-19 has brought with it, unprecedented times and like you, we are concerned for those who may be affected in our community. Over the last few weeks we have been monitoring and preparing for this situation, ready to take a proactive approach and protect our three main priorities; our residents, our staff and our services.

We are now at the stage where we have had to take some tough decisions in line with the advice given by the government. These include stopping all home visits, restricting access to our sheltered schemes, reprioritising our repairs, and closing our offices. This means that our staff will now be working remotely to enable us to continue providing services to the community.

We know that the measures being introduced by the government will have an impact on local people. So we will focus on working closely with our residents who may find the situation over the next few months particularly difficult. In order to do this, we will work with our community partners to help find the support they need. Anyone requiring help and assistance can contact our relationship team on 01494 476 100, or at contact@redkitehousing.org.uk.

We do appreciate that this situation is unsettling, and as we move into a very different environment, it is important that we all do our best to overcome the difficulties that this new disease presents. Whilst we have had to make some significant changes in how we operate, we will try our very best to continue delivering our normal services to you. As things develop, we may have to prioritise what we do in line with government advice and the availability of our resources. So please bear with us while we direct our efforts in supporting the challenges facing the community and the country as a whole.

We know that it is important to keep everyone up to date with developments as they happen, so we will be posting updates on our website daily.