Red Kite Community Housing helped save a colony of bees who were discovered nesting at a customer’s home.

Annmarie Francois with Jim Webster and James Webster from Bees Knees

Red Kite is currently carrying out £1.3m of extensive repair work to 64 homes in Lane End, including replacing windows and cladding.

During the work to replace the windows a Red Kite contractor discovered a bees' nest. Red Kite called in bee specialist Jim Webster, who runs Bees Knees with son James, to move the bees rather than destroy the nest.

Annmarie Francois who lives in the house affected in Johnson Road, Lane End, said:

“It is good that they are re-homing them rather than just killing them. I am glad they are gone though as I am allergic to bees, so have had to keep my adrenaline nearby!”

Bees Knees at work in Johnson Road Lane End

Jim added:

“By moving the colony to a new place we are helping with pollination, which actually helps everyone.

“I think it is great that Red Kite does this, it is much better for nature if we can save the bees rather than destroy them. It means they can continue with the important job of pollinating the plants, fruit, vegetables, flowers, berries, tomatoes, herbs and many more types of food.”

“These bees will now be taken to a foster home where they will live for the rest of their lives.”