We are very pleased that after a long and protracted legal process, we have finally succeeded in getting a possession order against one of our tenants.

Ms F assaulted a neighbour who was a vulnerable adult. In the lead up to the assault she had falsely befriended him and was taking advantage of him financially. During the assault she kicked, scratched and hit him with a stick. She was arrested and charged.

The neighbour was hospitalised for a number of days, and we temporarily housed him in one of our scheme guest rooms. He was given a priority move and relocated permanently.

Ms F appeared at Crown Court and was sentenced to 35 weeks’ imprisonment. She also had a history of a previous assault and being abusive and threatening to other neighbours. We took robust tenancy action against her and assembled a Possession Case. Ms F had legal representation who challenged us constantly and tried to get her off on technicalities, including trying to get us to agree to a suspended possession order.