In May, our Chief Executive Trevor Morrow took some time to have a look at the improvement work taking place in our communities, accompanied by one of our Project Managers, Pete Griffiths. After visiting the external wall insulation programme happening at Bank Street and walking around some of our homes in Micklefield Road, Hicks Farm Rise, and at Warwick House where we have carried out a range of improvements recently, Trevor wanted to share his incredibly enjoyable experience with everyone:

"It was a real pleasure and a proud experience to go out and see some of the major improvements we are making to a small estate of non-traditionally built homes, alongside my colleague Pete, who is project managing the work.

"From the outset, Pete was brimming with enthusiasm for both his role and the project. It was clear as the visit went on that Pete and his colleagues in our Property Pod had worked tirelessly to improve customer homes when carrying out our major improvements. The process could only be described as incredibly slick, with every customer consideration been woven into the project. It was clear that this had only happened because of the commitment of the team to learn as they went along and not accept anything but the best performance from our contractors. This was not to say that things do not go wrong, they do, but the process was geared up to deal with any issues and most importantly the contractor was fully on board and clear on our expectations. It was not always this way!"

Chief Executive Trevor Morrow With Project Manager Pete Griffiths

"The quality of the work was fantastic, which gave the contractor, Pete, and most importantly the tenants I spoke to real pride in their homes. One tenant said she could not get used to how warm the insulation had made her home and she was actually now looking forward to next winter! She felt she had been given a new home and it looked fantastic. Her face beamed with pride, which made me feel so proud of what we have achieved. Pete also showed us a number of other projects that had been completed or were underway."

Chief Executive Trevor Morrow visiting site of improvement works

"The quality and impact of our work, spread over all our communities, is really demonstrating the benefits of the creation of Red Kite and our commitment to delivering on our promises and values. I am sure this has helped influence the significant step in our satisfaction ratings and is really strengthening our brand. This is just one example of the great work all of our staff are delivering, and that every individual makes Red Kite special."