In January and February, we had successful results for three serious antisocial behaviour cases, with those responsible for the antisocial behaviour being evicted from our homes.

For one case, we had obtained a court order against the tenant almost two years ago, which was on the basis that they changed their behaviour and stopped causing noise and nuisance. Despite all our efforts, the tenant causing the problems did not keep to these conditions and as a result we had to take further legal action. Two of the neighbours gave numerous witness statements and attended three different court hearings to give evidence of the problems that they were experiencing. Without their help, we would not have been able to resolve this matter.

For another case, a tenant had been causing problems such as drunken and intimidating behaviour, urinating in public, banging on doors, kicking a neighbour’s dog and an alleged assault. Again, the neighbours gave evidence in court and an eviction was successfully carried out.

The other case was an eviction from sheltered housing, after numerous complaints about rowdy visitors causing noise and harassment to elderly tenants.

We take a firm stance on antisocial behaviour, and although we will use many different ways to try and stop problems, sometimes eviction is necessary to put an end to the difficulties that are being caused to the local community.

For one of these cases, we received a lovely email from the neighbours after the eviction had been completed, expressing their appreciation and saying:

"Red Kite have been extremely helpful throughout, never once did we feel they dismissed our grief or doubted us in any way: they have shown continual courtesy and responsiveness to us in this extremely distressing situation and we will be forever grateful to them."