Following a fire in one of our homes, the Red Kite tenant responsible has been issued with an injunction with the power of arrest. After a number of visits before the fire took place, we were concerned with the large number of rubbish and waste items found, which were later discovered to have contributed to the fire.

The court has now ordered that our tenant is forbidden from causing a fire in her home, instructing her to clear the rubbish within 14 days, as well as not allowing open flames.

We take the care of our homes very seriously, with tenancy agreements making it clear that homes must be kept in a good condition. Failing to dispose of rubbish and waste can cause a number of problems in homes, not least the risk of fire and structural damage, but also pest infestations and hygiene.

Although we have been in regular contact with the tenant to remind her of her responsibility to look after her home, the rubbish has not been removed from inside her home and we are now working with the courts and police to take the necessary action if the tenant breaches her injunction.