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Our Brexit plans

We've put together a list of FAQ's, which should hopefully answer any questions you have regarding how Brexit will affect you, as our customers. This will be updated regularly, so do keep checking back.

Will Brexit change the financial position of Red Kite? 

Red Kite is a financially secure organisation with strong cash and credit facilities. In planning for Brexit we've included in the business plan for a wide range of different scenarios including assumptions on changes to areas such as inflation, interest and house prices.    

What happens if you can’t carry out repairs? 

At present, we're watching how the outcome of Brexit will impact our business. In the meantime, we're working to minimise the impact of Brexit on our services you receive. 

We're hoping there won’t be a negative impact, but have been planning for the worst-case scenario as a precaution. We've reviewed the repairs service we provide and prioritised these based on their importance to the safety and wellbeing of our residents. As a tenant led organisation we'll be discussing this with the Resident Representative Team. 

We've been discussing the impact Brexit may have with our contractors, so we can work with them to minimise these. At present, our key contractors have not indicated there will be a negative impact. 

We'll keep you informed of any changes to services through our website and social media.  

Will it affect my rent? 

Brexit will not affect the rent we charge you. The amount of rent we can charge (and any changes each year) has to follow strict rules set by our regulator, the Regulator for Social Housing. 

Over the last four years, we've been reducing your rent by 1% each year. From next April, the regulator has set a limit of inflation plus 1%. This change has nothing to do with Brexit. 

How can I contact you if mobile networks go down? 

In the unlikely event of the mobile phone network temporarily being unavailable, you'll still be able call our landline from a fixed landline and you'll be able to contact us via email, web chat or via our website if you have access to wired broadband.

If I can’t work due to the Brexit decision, what will happen if I can’t pay my rent? 

We have a dedicated relationship team who work closely with residents whose circumstances change and are having trouble paying their rent. If you think you may have a problem (whether it's related to Brexit or not) give us a call. We may be able to offer you support or signpost you to one our partner agencies.

How will you help support your elderly or vulnerable residents?

We work with a number of community groups and partners and will continue to promote the services they provide to help our residents.  
If our services are disrupted, we'll prioritise service to vulnerable residents where possible. 


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