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Community funding FAQs

How are funding decisions made?

Funding decisions are made by panels that include Red Kite Residents and a small number of supporting staff members.

Are the two funds separate?

The funds are two different routes to access grants from the same funding pot. If you are looking to apply for £2,000 or less, you should apply via Starting Blocks and if you are looking to apply for more than £2,000 you should apply via Springboard. You cannot make an application to both at the same time.

Why is there a 12-month gap between the same organisation receiving a grant from Starting Blocks and Springboard?

We know that there are many fantastic projects and causes that need our support and want to make sure we allocate our grant funding across a range of organisations that support different areas of our community. This gap between repeat funding being allocated helps to ensure that the fund is more accessible to a wider range of community partners.

What happens if I am awarded funding for a project which can no longer go ahead?

You must get in contact with the team and let us know. We will then consider whether we need you to return the funding or if the panel would consider you utilising the funding for another purpose.

Once a bid is successful, how long will it take for the grant payment to arrive in my account?

Please be aware that we are an organisation that makes many payments and are subject to stringent checks. This means it can take up to a month for payments to be made, although ensuring you complete and return the required paperwork promptly will often mean that payment is received more quickly.

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