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Your rights and obligations

The following information applies to leaseholders who have acquired their lease either through the Right to Buy or through purchase from an existing leaseholder.

When you sign your lease, you agree to:

  • pay the ground rent when it is due
  • pay the council tax, water rates and other charges for your home
  • pay a fair share of our running costs for the management, repair, maintenance and insurance of the building and communal areas
  • repay discount if you sell your home within the first five years of purchasing it from us
  • keep the inside in good condition (including walls, pipes, cables, wire, fixtures and fittings and gas appliances)
  • allow access to our staff or contractors for repairs or inspection
  • not to alter the structure or remove fixtures without written permission from us
  • register with us within two months details of any mortgage or other loan charged against your home, any subletting, or any change in lease ownership
  • maintain your gardens in a clean and tidy condition and not build any sheds or fences without written permission from us
  • observe any rules and regulations set by us to make sure of proper estate management

When we give you the lease, we agree to:

  • give you the right to 'hold and enjoy' your home without interruption provided the charges are paid and your other obligations carried out
  • insure the building for loss or damage for its full reinstatement value and to make good on any loss or damage as soon as possible
  • keep in good repair the building structure, communal gas and water pipes, drains, electric cables and wire, main entrances, passages, stairs, paths and estate areas
  • keep communal passages and stairs clean and lit
  • decorate the exterior and interior communal areas as included in Red Kite's programme and according to your lease

You have the right to:

  • access your home
  • access any communal gardens
  • the supply of certain services such as water, gas and electricity
  • use any rubbish stores and drying areas

You do not have the right to:

  • use your home for illegal or immoral purposes
  • carry out a trade or business in your home
  • use your home for anything other than as a home
  • do, or allow anyone else to do, anything which would cause nuisance, damage or inconvenience to Red Kite or other people living in the building or in the neighbourhood
  • do anything which would increase insurance costs or void the policy (eg store dangerous substances)
  • discharge oil, grease, refuse or harmful substances into drains or sewers
  • allow the TV, radio, or other noise making instrument to annoy other occupiers at any time
  • put up signs or posters on windows or walls that are visible from the outside
  • hang out washing except in designated drying areas
  • keep any pet which may annoy other occupiers
  • decorate the exterior of your home
  • put up external aerials or satellite dishes without written permission from us

Payment for major work to your home:

If we need to carry out major work to the building in which you live or the shared areas, you have an obligation to pay for it. Before anything takes place that will cost you more than £250, we will carry out a consultation with you. The cost for this work will then be estimated and you will receive information about it before any payment is due. The actual cost will then be calculated formally once the work is complete. After that, you have a responsibility to pay for this work in line with our major work payment policy, which can be found here: Major works payment policy.


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