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Home Audits

What is a Home Audit visit?

Our staff visit all of our customers on a regular basis. This is part of being a responsible and caring landlord as it means we can make sure our homes are safe and the people living in our homes are keeping to their tenancy agreements.

What happens at a Home Audit visit?

We have a standard form with questions on that we go through with all our customers when we visit. 

We will look at both the inside and outside of your home (such as gardens and sheds) and take some photographs. This means that we have a record of any special features such as adaptations. Customers are responsible for reporting any repairs or improvements that are needed in their homes.

We will make sure our information on you and who lives with you is up to date, including any emergency contact information, and we will ask to see your identification which we will photograph. If this I.D. doesn’t have a photograph on it, we may use this opportunity to take a photo of you as well for future reference.

We will also chat to you about services that we or others may offer, which may be relevant to your circumstances, such as practical or financial help. 

We will ask you if you would like to be more involved in helping shape the future of Red Kite.

We will make sure you have an opportunity to ask us any questions you may have about your tenancy and circumstances as well.

We will also check your fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and window restrictors during the visit.

How will the visit be arranged?

We will use the contact information that you have given us, such as phoning or writing to you. Sometimes we may also call round without a pre-arranged appointment. We will always have I.D. with us. Occasionally, we may do visits out of office hours. Sometimes two staff will do the visit, for example for training purposes.

Why are you asking for this information?

We need to make sure that your home is safe, secure and being maintained. We also need to ensure our information on you is up to date. You have responsibilities as part of your agreement with Red Kite, and the Home Audit gives us an opportunity to discuss these with you and make sure we know if you need any help.

We also want to be sure that there is no fraud or other illegal activity taking place in our homes, which is why we will ask you for proof of identity. We may also ask you for proof of residency. 

How will the information I share be kept secure?

All the information we hold on you is kept according to the requirements of the Data Protection Act. It is kept confidential and only those members of staff who need to see it can do so. We do not pass any information to a third party unless you have given us your permission, for instance if you want us to speak to the housing benefit team or make a referral on your behalf.

The only time we are allowed to share information with another organisation is if it is to investigate or tackle crime or fraud, and when this happens we have to make sure that the information is asked for in the correct way and by the relevant organisation. 

Do I have to allow the visit?

Yes. As your landlord we have a right to inspect our homes and an obligation to know who lives in them. If you have any special circumstances that we need to be aware of, please let us know as soon as we contact you. If you have a pre-arranged appointment, we will expect you to let us know as soon as possible if for any reason you can’t make it.

How long will it last?

Approximately one hour, although it will depend on the circumstances.

Can I ask someone else to be there too?

We will always want to see the person who is named on the tenancy, but of course you are welcome to have a friend or relative there too. If you are joint tenants but only one of you are in, we may do the visit and inspect your home, but come back again to make sure we have seen identification for both of you and have up to date details on both of your circumstances.

If you have any other questions, please feel welcome to contact us at

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