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Communal areas and storage

We have a legal duty to make sure that we reduce the risk of fire in our flats and schemes, and that residents can escape in an emergency. We take safety very seriously and because of this, we have to be strict about what is stored in communal areas. This applies to things such as pot plants, bicycles, furniture and ornaments which are in corridors, hallways, cupboards and other communal areas.

We have recently updated our approach to dealing with items in these areas, focussing on:

  • Ensuring that our customers enjoy a safe, clean and tidy environment
  • Preventing the risk of injury or loss of life through cluttered communal areas
  • Meeting our legal requirements. 

These are our responsibilities, but tenants are also responsible for the safe storage of their goods in line with their tenancy agreement.

Generally, within the communal areas of our homes, there will be no storage of personal belongings permitted. Even if the belongings are not an immediate risk or fire hazard, they will affect the cleaning and appearance of the area.

We will check and enforce this when carrying out our regular health and safety inspections and risk assessments.

There will be times when we remove items straight away if they cause an immediate risk, such as if they are blocking a fire exit or if they could cause a fire. This could apply if items are stored in electrical cupboards, for example.

If they are not an immediate risk, we will try and find out who has left the item and ask them to remove it within a specific timescale. If we can’t find out who has left the item, or if the person responsible has not removed it despite our request, we will remove the item ourselves and, depending on its value, will dispose of it or store it for a limited time. We may charge the tenant for this.

If you have any questions about fire safety or communal areas, please feel welcome to contact our Experience Pod on 01494 476100.

Thank you to all our customers who help us to keep our homes safe

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