Helping Our Local
19 May 2016

Helping our local firefighters

Recently, the fire crew at High Wycombe Fire Station have been using empty buildings at our Castlefield estate to train their firefighters.

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Helping Wycombe Sound
16 May 2016

Helping Wycombe Sound get their voice

Wycombe Sound is a project we've helped, through our Community Fund, and they've just been granted a broadcasting licence for the next five years!

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Our Chief Executive
10 May 2016

Our Chief Executive looks at our improvement work

In May, our Chief Executive Trevor Morrow, took some time to have a look at the improvement work taking place in our communities.

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Merger Code Graphic
5 May 2016

An alternative to the merger code

When considering how we would interpret the Merger Code, there were two significant areas that we hoped to see shine through, which would be vital to community-based housing associations such as ours

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