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Pretty fly for some Wi-Fi

24 October 2016

Ever been frustrated that you can’t get Wi-Fi? We have, and we’re determined to find a solution that will potentially make things easier in some of our homes in the future...

Last week, we spent a little time experimenting with some cool technology to see how we could bring Wi-Fi to local communities. Using our drone, we strapped a Wi-Fi enabled dongle to the contraption and flew it onto the roof of a block of our flats. Sure enough, by using a smartphone from inside the building, we hooked up to the Wi-Fi and browsed the web and accessed our Red Kite app.

Picture of our drone

Having proved that it works, we’re now looking into providing free Wi-Fi to our customers on a regular slot-basis in the future to help them access digital services from a whole range of locations around the area.

Look out for more of our innovative and creative ways of working by staying tuned to our website.



  • David Cooke
    30 October 2016, 9:50am

    We at woollerton court are already supposed to have Wi Fi access.Trouble is it doesn't work!!

  • Red Kite
    31 October 2016, 3:15pm

    Hi David,

    Thanks for letting us know - we're aware of the issues Woollerton Court are having with their Wi-Fi at the moment, and we're working with BT to get it fixed!

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