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The importance of home contents insurance

4 April 2016

When it comes to the contents of your home, it’s very important to make sure you are properly covered. Home contents insurance is something that everyone who lives in our homes should have.

There is a recent example of why having home contents insurance is so important - we had a case where a fire was caused in one of our homes by a table top burner (also known as bio-ethanol burners). One of the people living in the home tried to refuel the burner and accidently started a fire, which soon spread throughout the whole home.

The family didn’t have home content insurance, which meant that their possessions were not covered, so they now have to replace these themselves. While we have building insurance on our homes, this only covers the structure of the home – it doesn’t cover your personal belongings.

Also, because the damage to the home was caused by the residents of the home, the cost of the damage is going to be recharged to them, meaning they will have to pay for the damage caused.

The costs involved with repairing the home could have been drastically reduced if they had contents insurance. Not only does it cost more for the customer, but the money that we have to spend sorting out the insurance claim means that we have less money to spend on improvements and investing in our services.

Our Head of Finance, Colin Gummow, commented “This avoidable accident has cost the tenant a lot of money, and while they can’t replace some of the personal items lost in the fire they are still having to replace their furniture and clothes. We urge our tenants to take care in their homes but also to purchase insurance – even though it’s something you hope you’ll never need to use”.

You can find more information about Home Contents Insurance here on our website.


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