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Sustainability Group

Having progressed well with the delivery of our current sustainability plan, we're now at the point of thinking about our next five-year sustainability strategy. 

The environment has changed considerably over the past five years and is continuing to evolve at pace. The new strategy will reflect this fast-moving environment and will focus on some key areas, such as climate change, sustainability, reduction in fuel poverty and making best use of new technologies. 

To set a path and clear objectives for our next phase, a new, relevant comprehensive sustainability strategy is being development with appointment consultants, AA Projects, to ensure that we meet the demands and targets set by the national environmental agenda and the needs and expectations of our customers. 

The new strategy will set the course for future investment in green technology and sustainable alternatives, and will contain key actions for delivery including a detailed action plan which fits with our Corporate Journey and also compliments other approved strategies. 

Areas that we're working on as part of the new sustainability strategy will need to consider the current energy performance of our homes with relevant sustainability measures and targets and the potential opportunities for the organisation to build on the previous work completed. To deliver this, the following areas are being considered and reviewed:

  • Energy performance of existing homes
  • Business related activity and efficiencies 
  • New build homes specification and long term ‘fit for purpose’ requirements 
  • Decarbonisation action plan, how our homes will reach the net zero target by 2050
  • Waste management approach and strategies 
  • Sustainable procurement options and approach
  • Water consumption, usage and management 
  • Pollution and biodiversity
  • Engagement and education 
  • Achieving SAP ratings equivalent to EPC C by 2030
  • Affects of environmental risk such as flood, subsidence, thermal improvement and overheating. 

Our work to date

Our 2016 sustainability plan helped us focus on areas of improvement with regards to sustainable heating and insulation to roofing and walls. The work we've done to date has meant we're above the UK national average SAP rating for social landlords. Here is a little information on what we have done to date:

We need you

If you're passionate about the environment and would like to get involved in shaping our strategy, please get in touch with Kara at

You may have the option to attend workshops or provide feedback or items to consider. Workshops will be held throughout November.

Sustainable Marlow

We've also been in conversation with Marlow Town Council who are supporting a voluntary group called Sustainable Marlow. They're leading on green initiatives around the town which include re-wilding, tree planting, litter picking, eco education in schools, refill schemes, pollution reduction and much more.

For more information and how get involved, please visit:

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