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A welcome return to build on my skills

Posted by sitecore\zosiakatnik, on 23 Jan 2017

A welcome return to continue the journey of realising my potential
By Amy Sehajpal

I find a lot of companies talk about ‘nurturing talent’ and ‘developing careers’ as an incentive to join. However, my experience is that very few organisations truly action these promises and evidence that they support learning and growth within the business. Red Kite have numerous examples, myself being one, of what hard work in the right organisation can achieve! 

Finishing my Masters in Biopharmaceuticals in 2013, I felt I needed a break before pursuing my career and ‘getting serious’. To that end, I needed some temporary work to take me up to Christmas. I was interviewed for a temporary position as a Data Entry Analyst (basically inputting 6000 forms on to a housing system) and I thought that was that! However, before leaving for Christmas, I was approached by the Head of Projects who felt it was the right time to recruit to a Project Assistant post. It was a new post and I had no experience, yet through the support and mentoring from my manager, this fixed term contract became permanent employment for me.  Amy Sehajpal

The organisation, atmosphere and people made me feel welcome and not once did I regret my decision to stay. Whilst learning on the job and building my confidence, this was once again recognised and resulted in my promotion to Project Co-ordinator/Junior Project Manager. 

You would think that would be enough to showcase the development potential here at Red Kite, but that is not all… 

Working as a Project Co-ordinator, I was exposed to a number of different projects across the organisation, within different departments and different teams. I made good relationships with colleagues at all levels, as there was never a fear of hierarchy or freedom to challenge. And it was exactly this that gave me the confidence to apply internally for the Knowledge and Feedback Manager role. 

This was an exciting new role and so it was a privilege to even be considered for it. I was supported and encouraged by my existing manager and had open conversations with the hiring manager, who gave me the confidence to apply. I was successful in my application and had my first experience of managing two employees. Training was provided before I even started the role, for people management.  My manager had an open-door policy and made me feel that asking questions was a good thing! All of this contributed to the introduction of the KnowledgeSphere at Red Kite, which is a brilliant tool that we’re developing for staff and eventually customers to have a huge information repository for everyone to access. With a clear vision and passion for this area, my Head of Service was a massive contributing factor to any success I had in this role. 

So, that’s it - can’t get any better, right? Time for me to go back to my original dream of Biopharmacueticals, I made the difficult decision to leave the organisation - there was great send-off, with encouragement to pursue my dream and the offer that the door would always be open if I ever chose to return…

And call it fate (really it was a change in personal circumstances and the atmosphere of the industry I went in to) that I made the decision to wait for the right opportunity at Red Kite to once again return. And now I am working across the Development, Business and Property Pods as a Business Manager in my fourth role. Onwards and upwards!


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