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Help us to make more homes

Posted by sitecore\thomasyoung, on 24 Oct 2016

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No matter how many other things change over time, there's always one constant certainty - the need for new homes.

As a housing provider for the Wycombe district, we are well positioned to see just how important it is to build new homes for the future. We are fully committed to delivering new homes for our communities, and the most important thing for us is that we do this by working alongside members of the very communities we are building for.

It is the members of our local communities who are best at telling us the kind of homes we need, and where they should be. We try to always make the right choices for our communities, but it takes the inside knowledge that you can bring to us that will mean we succeed at building homes for the people who need them.

For this, we need people who care about where they live, and who want to help other people live in a home that suits their needs. By volunteering for this role, not only will you make an immediate difference to your local community, but the long term effects of this role will mean great housing for future generations too.

You will make a real difference by:

  • Helping us decide on the layout and materials used for our new homes.

  • Monitoring our development programme to make sure we are delivering what we promised.

  • Sharing your views on the future of our homes.

  • Helps us get best value for money from the work carried out.

  • Working alongside other members of your local community to make important decisions.

No need to worry about having to have a lot of technical know-how – we will make sure you have everything you need to make the right decisions on how we build new homes, and challenge how we do things.

So, do you want a chance to shape our future developments? All we need is some of your time roughly once a month – but the difference you’re going to make to someone who moves into one of our new homes is going to last a lifetime. If you would like to find out more checkout our full description here: Volunteer - Red Kite Development Panel or call us on 01494 476294. 


  • Terence King said:
    29/10/2016 01:01

    There is a large call for single occupancy housing in Wycombe. I think a design on max, 2 person micro flats, is the way forward.

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