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Our promises to you

When we became Red Kite, we made a number of promises about the improvements that we'd make over the next five years. 

Below are some figures detailing how we've performed in terms of delivering our promises. To find out more about the improvements we've made so far, visit the improvements page.

Kitchen upgrades

We promised: Around 3,774 new kitchens with greater choice.

We will:

  • offer every home that has a kitchen more than 15 years old a new one within the first five years of transfer
  • replace all kitchens when they are 20 years old
  • give you a choice of all the materials to be used in your kitchen.

Bathroom upgrades

We promised: Around 3,666 new bathrooms with greater choice including fans and shower over the bath as standard.

We will:

  • offer every home that has a bathroom more than 20 years old a new one within the first five years of transfer
  • replace separate or additional toilets more than 20 years old within the first five years of transfer
  • replace all bathrooms in our homes when they are 25 years old, and the same would apply if there's a separate or additional toilet
  • give you a choice of all the materials to be used in your bathroom.

Boiler and heating upgrades

We promised: Around 2,951 new or upgraded central heating systems.

We will:

  • replace boilers more than 12 years old within the first five years of transfer
  • replace boilers every 12 years
  • replace existing gas central heating systems about every 30 years.

Internal decorations

We promised: A low-cost redecoration programme.

For our elderly and vulnerable tenants, we will offer a low-cost decoration programme for internal redecorations if:

  • you are over the age of 60 or
  • you have a disability and you have no-one to help you with your decorating.

External decorations

We promised: To survey your home every five years and carry out necessary external decorations and repairs.

External decorations includes repairing:

  • windows
  • doors
  • brick work
  • drains and gutters

as well as checking fire doors and looking after communal areas.

Fences and gates

We promised: To repair fences and gates and put up new ones where needed.

We have dedicated £1 million to improving fences and gates, and we'll make sure to use timber from sustainable sources.

Windows, doors and communal door entry systems

We promised: Around 3,666 new timber or UPVC external doors.

An extensive programme to replace or repair windows and doors where needed. For replacement doors, we'll give you a choice of front door locks, and for replacement windows, you'll also get a choice. We will:

  • fit double-glazed windows and external doors for all homes that need them within the first five years
  • fit a new door entry system for around 378 properties.

Electrical re-wiring

We promised: Around 2,434 homes to be re-wired or to have an electrical upgrade.

Your safety is our top priority. If your home needs re-wiring, we will:

  • discuss options with you for a full electrical upgrade and consult you on how to use your home and sockets
  • carry out an inspection of, and repairs to, your electrical systems at least every 10 years.

Other promises

As well as the improvements and investments listed above, we'll:

  • Improve communal facilities such as lounges, guest rooms, laundries and communal bathrooms in sheltered schemes
  • Spend £500k each year for adaptations
  • Re-roof around 650 homes
  • Spend up to £3.35m for sheltered bedsit conversions
  • Spend around £100,000 each year for new parking bays or hard-standings
  • Spend around £231,800 each year for the refurbishment of garage sites
  • Contribute around £25,000 each year for garden maintenance assistance scheme for older and disabled tenants.


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