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Our policies

Our policies describe exactly what we do. They are written and reviewed in consultation with our tenants and leaseholders.

All policies are ultimately approved by the Board of Red Kite Community Housing.


Approval Date                 

Renewal Date                  


 Adaptations policy  August 2017  August 2020  OP002
 Allocations Policy  January 2018  January 2020
 Anti-fraud policy  January 2017  November 2018  RS001
 Anti-social behaviour policy  March 2016  March 2018   OP024
 Asbestos Policy  July 2017  July 2018  OP001
 CCTV Policy  September 2017  September 2020  
 Compensation Policy  August 2017  August 2020  OP030
 Data Protection Policy  May 2016  May 2018  RS002
 Decant Policy  December 2017  December 2020
 Disposal Policy  November 2016  November 2018  OP027
 Electrical safety policy  July 2017  July 2019  
 Empty Homes Policy  May 2017  May 2019  OP028
 Feedback policy  August 2017  August 2020  OP006
 Fire Risk Management Plan  June 2017  July 2018  
 Gas and Heating Appliance Safety Policy  July 2017  July 2019  
 Leasehold policy  February 2016  February 2018  OP022
 Major works payment policy  July 2016  July 2018  OP013
 Mobility scooters policy  August 2017  August 2020  --------
 Neighbourhood management policy  August 2017  August 2020  OP020
 Priority moves policy  May 2014  May 2018  OP010
 Recharge policy  October 2017  October 2020  
 Relationships strategy  May 2017  May 2020  SR04
 Repairs policy  July 2017  July 2019  
 Sheltered Transfer policy  January 2014  January 2018  OP008
 Social media policy  July 2017  July 2018  
 Staff Protection Policy  July 2017  July 2020  RS025
Tenant service charge policy 
 December 2017  December 2019  OP003
 Tenancy Policy  February 2016  February 2019  --------
 Tenancy changes policy  August 2017  August 2019  OP021
 Water treatment and anti scalding policy  August 2017  August 2019  

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Red Kite Community Housing is a charitable registered society which operates for the benefit of the community under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. VAT registration number 123147939.