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Our performance

This is where you can find out how we are performing in the services we deliver to you. This information will be updated quarterly throughout the year, enabling you to keep up to date with us as we continuously improve our services.

These key performance indicators are viewed by our Board and by our staff, and have been specially selected for use on the website by a team of tenants and leaseholders. Some have an extra line on them labelled ‘HouseMark’, a sector body who provide us with information on how other housing providers are performing, meaning we can compare our performance to that of our peers.

Satisfaction with neighbourhood (%)

This KPI is part of our general satisfaction surveying, and gives us an insight into how our tenants and leaseholders feel about safety, security and general condition of the communities in which they live. The method of surveying customer satisfaction changed in February 2016, to Arena telephone surveys - from paper surveys.

Average re-let time for standard voids (in days)

This KPI shows you on average how many days it has taken us to re-let empty homes during the month. Standard voids are homes which have become vacant because a tenancy has come to an end; elective voids are homes which are vacant because we have chosen to make them so – usually because we are undertaking, or considering, redevelopment.

Adaptations average wait time in weeks

We adapt tenants’ homes to enable them to remain in them for longer. This KPI shows the average time, in weeks, that customers have had to wait between applying for an adaptation and having it installed.

Repairs completed on time (%)

Repairs is one of our most important services, and we are constantly striving to ensure they are completed within their target time frames. This KPI illustrates our performance against this aspiration.

Percentage of gas compliance

This is one of our most important KPIs. It shows how we are performing against our requirement to ensure all our homes have a valid gas safety certificate. All homes which have gas appliances are tested annually. We work hard in partnership with our contractors to operate a robust process, ensuring that certificates are renewed well before they expire.

Repairs appointments kept (%)

This KPI shows what percentage of the repairs appointments made in the month we have kept.

Satisfaction with the improvement programme (%)

This KPI shows the percentage of tenants who have had improvements to their homes who are either fairly or very satisfied with the result. Please note that no satisfaction surveys were received during November and December.

Current tenant rent arrears (%)

This graph shows the rent not collected as a percentage of the total amount due. Though standard arrears are showing an uplift in April and June, this was due to the reporting date falling at a time which misaligned with a housing benefit payment run upload. Further analysis on the true level of arrears shows that arrears have in fact remained consistent across this period.

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