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At Red Kite, our aim is to ensure that we achieve quality of works and services, value for money and involve our tenants and leaseholders through the procurement process. Red Kite is financially strong with a robust business plan and we are committed to spending and investing wisely, generating savings to increase resources and bringing additional benefits to our community.

What is procurement?

Procurement is the process of sourcing goods, services and works: from identifying a need for them, to acquiring them and the full life cycle of the contract. Since the transfer of our homes from the local authority, when contracts were transferred to ensure continuity of delivery in our key service areas, we have re-procured all major contracts and also implemented new ones where these were not formally in place. Our new contracts have improved quality and costs for our customers.

Our Procurement Strategy

Our Procurement Strategy 2016-2020 includes information on how we approach our three key areas of spend: Development, Asset Management and IT. We aim to bring a streamlined and consistent approach across the business, with the procurement process as a key enabler in Red Kite’s strategic and business aims.

Our Procurement Strategy is also one of the main components of our Corporate Strategy which is underpinned by our purpose: To realise the future potential in our communities.

To achieve this purpose, we have set ourselves five objectives:

Red Kite objectives

* Providing great homes: We will have new homes available for people in our local communities, with choices that make the best use of the properties and land available to us. We will provide a greater range of options for our customers to rent, lease or own a home

* Inspiring people: We will have really amazing talented staff and volunteers working for us and others waiting to join us

* Knowing our customers: We will know what our customers want and we will deliver personalised services in a way that is efficient and modern. Our services will reflect our culture and values and do what our customers expect

* Building thriving communities: The services we provide and sponsor will inspire and improve the lives of our customers by creating opportunities, increasing independence and supporting social enterprises

* Increasing our investment: We will generate profit to invest in our communities, constantly reviewing the services we deliver to make sure we reduce costs and offer value. We will seek opportunities that include social enterprises

These five objectives are supported by a strategic approach to Value for Money (VfM). This will enable us to increase our capacity to deliver our purpose by doing the right things, in the right way, using the right investment.

Value for money

Read our full Procurement Strategy 2016-2020 here

Tenant involvement

We believe our tenants and leaseholders have the best view of what is important to them and their neighbours when it comes to the work we do in their homes and neighbourhoods. They are in a prime position to understand what we need from a contractor, so we believe their involvement in our Procurement Group is vital to its success. Our team of trained tenants and leaseholders are involved throughout the process, ensuring that the needs and priorities of our customers are taken into account and that our money is spent in the right places.

We use lots of different contractors who provide services including cleaning, grounds maintenance, repairs, IT and even recruitment. Our trained volunteers help us to write specifications for contracts, review tender documents and also interview and recommend new contractors, working in partnership with us to ensure contractors are properly evaluated through performance reviews, delivering to our high standards and providing best value.

Tender opportunities

Tender opportunities are advertised through the Official Journal of European Union and Contracts Finder, as appropriate.  In addition, tender opportunites will be advertised on our website. Further information can be obtained from

Modern slavery statement

Red Kite is committed to an ethical approach to all our work and expect our suppliers, partners and contractors to meet our standards. As a community based housing association, we recognise that we have a responsibility to take a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking. Read our Modern slavery statement here.

Public Contract Regulations 2015 – payment information

For the financial year 2016/17, the percentage of invoices paid within 30 days was 83.2%.

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Realising the potential in our communities


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