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Our Corporate Journey

Corporate journey summary 

Looking ahead to 2021

Having delivered all of our pre-transfer promises in December 2016, plans were put in place to take us to 2021.  

Through a perfect balance of culture, creativity and passion, our aspiration to become a trusted landlord and a partner of choice is set out in our corporate journey. 

With a track record of success and achievement since our launch in 2011, our roots are firmly fixed in our communities and the customers who live within them. We know and understand the people who make up our diverse neighbourhoods, and every decision and improvement is driven by our customers. 

The essence of partnership influences each and every service we provide and what type of organisation we'll be in the future.

We have a unique culture built around creating the right environment for our talented customers, staff and volunteers - to flourish and innovate. Passion and enthusiasm runs through each of us and we have the skills and expertise to run our successful business. Our foundations are solid; we are financially strong with all profits re-invested into our homes and communities. We have a track record of delivering not just what we need to, but more. We invest and improve, doing what’s right to provide a range of homes for rent and ownership. 

In return, we expect our customers to take responsibility for their choices, taking pride in their homes and the world around them.

By empowering our customers and providing opportunities for skills development and employment, we realise the potential in our communities. By creating more opportunity and facing new challenges with a positive and creative approach, we are on course to make a lasting impact in our communities locally and in social housing nationally, building a bright future for the people who we house and connect with.

Our journey

To read our journey in more detail, take a look at the Red Kite corporate journey 2016-21.


Partnership • Respect • Pride
Realising the potential in our communities


Red Kite Community Housing, Windsor Court, Kingsmead Business Park, High Wycombe, HP11 1JU

Red Kite Community Housing is the trading name of Red Kite Community Housing Limited, a charitable registered society which operates for the benefit of the community under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, registered in England with the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 31322R) and the Regulator of Social Housing (registration number 4682). VAT number 290 7410 06.