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Safety - contractors in your home

We expect our contractors and partners to be operating a screening process of all their employees on a regular basis and following their internal procedures rigorously in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Our expectations of all contractors is that they'll:

  • Risk assess work activities on a regular basis and prevent contact with any of our residents displaying signs of the virus, or having been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms.
  • Screen employees to prevent any engagement with residents and general members of the public if the employee is displaying symptoms of the virus.
  • Before arranging/making a visit, and before entering a property, carry out screening of the household by following an agreed questioning process. If there's any concern that symptoms of Covid-19 are coming from anyone within the home, a suitable further date with the customer will be arranged. If the work is an emergency, relevant PPE will be used and a safe method of work devised to carry out the works.
  • All contractors and visitors must avoid contact with Red Kite staff and customers if they're displaying symptoms.

If there are no reports of any self-isolating cases, suspected cases or confirmed cases in the premises, then no personal protective equipment (PPE) is required above and beyond normal good hygiene practices.

  • Wash hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based sanitizer (should contain at least 60% alcohol), wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Keep the two meter distance (self-distancing) between people
  • Avoid touching surfaces, handrails, etc. where possible
  • Do not shake hands or make other physical contact
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes / face.

If our contractors are entering a premises where it is known that people are self-isolating / suspected / confirmed of having the virus, then the appropriate PPE will be worn by our contractors.

When PPE will be used:

  • In an emergency situation only - if entering into a premises where it is known that people are self-isolating / suspected / confirmed of having the virus, then the appropriate PPE will be worn and where there is a risk that the PPE has become contaminated, then it will be disposed of in the approved way.

Minimal PPE that will be worn:

  • Respiratory protection:  Face mask (valved or non-valved version)
  • Eye protection: Goggles (face shield or safety glasses)
  • Body protection: Disposable apron or long-sleeved water-resistant gown
  • Hand protection: Disposable gloves.

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