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Moving home guidance

Moving home is an exciting time for everyone. If you’ve moved home before then you’ll be familiar with packing up your things where you currently live and unpacking at the other end. Because of COVID-19 we’re all having to do things a bit differently at the moment and moving home is no exception.

Before you move home, or move belongings on behalf of someone else, please read this guidance. It is based on current guidance from the Government but also includes some things that Red Kite is asking you to do and not do for the benefit and health of your neighbours. 

Help with moving 

We all need a little help to move home but please try to limit the number of people helping you to those who are absolutely necessary. This will minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

Moving with children

We’d ask that only children of the family moving are present during the move, not children of friends or family who may be helping you. If there is a way for some or all of your children to be looked after safely in in line with Government guidance whilst the move is taking place then that should be considered. 

Moving hygiene

When you move you will be touching many things such as belongings, handrails and door handles. Some of these items will have been touched by others and others will touch them after you. Touch points can carry the virus so it is important that your hands are clean at all times. Please minimise touching communal handrails or doors handles. 

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water before you begin packing your belongings and regularly throughout the moving process.  

Before you begin to move your belongings out of your current home, apply hand sanitiser gel to your hands so that if you touch any communal handrails or doors then the spread of a virus will be minimised. Before you enter your new home or its communal area, apply hand sanitiser gel again. You may wish to consider wearing disposable gloves.

Unwanted items

When you move you will find lots of things that you no longer need. After moving in you will have packaging that you want to throw away too. Please don’t place these unwanted items and rubbish in the communal bins that we have for sheltered schemes and blocks of flats.

Local recycling and waste centres are now open to receive these items from you. Controlled use of the communal bin facilities helps us to minimise the spread of the virus.

Social distancing in communal areas

If you are moving into a home that has a shared entrance and corridor, you may meet some of your neighbours. Stairwells, corridors and communal walkway are less than 2m in width. Please remember that social distancing applies at all times so you and the people helping you to move should wait and allow your neighbours to pass where possible.

You can find guidance for our sheltered schemes here.

You can read more about the Government guidance on moving home here.

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