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Living sustainably

We’re committed to becoming one of the most sustainable housing associations in the UK. To achieve this, we need to work in partnership with you, our tenants, to help you live more sustainable lives.

The following hints and tips give a few small suggestions that can add up to a big change.


  • Don’t run the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth.
  • Reducing the time you take in the shower by just two minutes can save ten gallons of water.


  • In 2020, households in the UK wasted £13 billion worth of food: or 4.4 million tonnes.
  • Why not measure out your portions of rice or pasta rather than guessing and, as is so easily done, overestimating?
  • Leftovers and waste sometimes cannot be avoided, but any scraps you’re left with can be recycled. Ask your local council for a food bin.

Paper and plastic

  • Avoid single use plastics
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables that aren’t in any packaging
  • Refrain from buying bottled water and drinks, use a refilillable bottle instead
  • Collect soft plastics and take them to recycling centres
  • You can even go paperless by using kitchen towels rather than kitchen roll!
  • Why not switch to receiving all your bills via email
  • Use recycled toilet paper.

Mending and repairing

  • The internet is an amazing resource for how to fix things
  • Or you can go to a professional for help, whether that’s an electronics shop or a tailor
  • Look for a local repair café, lots of these are popping up now
  • If something is truly broken beyond repair, why not recycle it by trading it in? Lots of electronics shops will pay money for old and broken mobile phones, TVs, DVD players etc.


  • Heating a room for just an extra degree in a year results in releasing between 310-360kg extra CO2 into our atmosphere. Rather than cranking it up in the winter months, it’s easy to simply wear some cosy layers around the house.  
  • When you’re not using appliances or electronics such as your TV or laptop, turn it off and unplug it! It is estimated that phantom power – the energy used by electronics when they are off, but still plugged in – accounts for up to 10% of energy use in the home, with the 40 appliances constantly plugged in in the average household.
  • We can further reduce our use of energy by using natural light more. A lot of us are in the habit of turning on lamps during the day, but turning off lamps for just one hour a day saves 1.22 pounds of CO2.  It all adds up!

Partnership • Respect • Pride
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