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Get involved with your community

By volunteering with us in the roles below, you'll be getting hands on and directly helping your local community. There are a wide range of ways you can do this, so have a look at our opportunities below. If any of the roles below interest you, simply visit our volunteering page and fill in the online application.

Supporting Movers and Shakers

What have other people achieved?

  • Met new friends
  • Shared their skills and experience with other people
  • Helped to bring their local community together

Supporting community events

What have other people achieved?

  • Helped to make sure our events are always great fun for everyone
  • Spread the word about all the great volunteering opportunities we offer
  • Raised the profile of Red Kite across the community

Driving our minibus

What have other people achieved?

  • Helped some of our less able tenants get out and about on things like shopping trips
  • Taken other volunteers on a tour of our properties to inspect new kitchens put in by our contractors

Estate Inspectors

What have other people achieved?

  • Helped to create positive change and improvements to their neighbourhoods
  • Made sure that graffiti gets removed quickly
  • They've let us know when things like walls and fences needed repairing, so that their local area continues to look nice

Red Kite Champions

What have other people achieved?

  • They've helped make lots of improvements to their local areas
  • They've made sure that new bin storage areas were installed after being requested by our Champions
  • A number of deep cleans have been carried out when needed because our Champions requested it

Telephone surveys

What have other people achieved?

  • Helped to achieve a better idea of how people feel about the services we provide
  • Allowed us to find out what our current customers want us to improve
  • Made sure that our customers have their voices heard

If none of these roles interest you, we have plenty of other roles you could get involved with! Go back to our main volunteering page, and find out more about the different ways you can get involved.

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Red Kite Community Housing is a charitable registered society which operates for the benefit of the community under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. VAT registration number 123147939.